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    Xtraction Dashboards


      I have just installed Xtraction and I cannot view any dashboards. the following error is received.


      An error has occurred during processing.  Please try again.  If this continues to occur, please contact the application administrator.

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          cjensen SupportEmployee



          Can you please enable the debug mode using the following guide:




          This should provide a better idea as to what the actual root cause of the issue is. Once you have that information please feel free to report back and I can further assist.



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            This shows an error with an invalid object name



              body = (null)

              clientId = "XXXXXXX"

              correlationId = "XXXXXX"

              destination = "fluorine"

              extendedData = (Object)#1

              faultCode = "Server.Processing"

              faultDetail = (null)

              faultString = "Invalid object name 'MACHINE'."

              headers = (Object)#2

                DSId = "ceed2aa54eaf4e9db288a50a6bf2dba0"

              messageId = "bf9d42e6-cd02-45f8-9c0a-13c49e290b5c"

              rootCause = (null)

              timestamp = 433118343

              timeToLive = 0