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    Office 2003 SP3 (KB923618) - Unable to Find Patch

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      One of my colleagues had brought up an issue that he was experiencing. There are some machines that he still administers that have Office 2003 and Office 2000. They are still supported products by Shavlik. He stated that he is unable to download and install the KB923618 patch. Since I'm still learning Shavlik on our end, I attempted to find it (since the patch has to be on our host for him to be able to install it). Unfortunately, I can't find this patch anywhere. It still appears to be downloadable by Microsoft, but I can't seem to find it from within Shavlik.


      Any idea on what I can do in order to find this in Shavlik?


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          Office 2003 SP3 (KB923618)

          Microsoft had previously revoked the download link so we had to remove it from Protect and since it is a Service Pack we do not remove things from our records, it still displays detection information in scans. So it may show as missing in scans but currently it is not available to be downloaded in Protect.

          If you were trying to find it in Protect since it is a service pack you can go to tools>options>display and check the box "Show service packs in View>Patches" this will enable you to search for service packs in Patch view.

          Once in Patch View you can search for "office 2003"

          That should show you office 2003(4) if you click the drop down you will see Gold,SP1,SP2 and SP3. If you hightlight SP3 you will see there is no download button under Patch information. That would be how to search for service packs.

          If you have a good download link for Office 2003 SP3 you can open a support case and provide the link and we can see if we can get it put back in our data or not.