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    Custom report generation; Show all computers, date they were scanned, and how many missing patches

    danpalewis Rookie

      Good morning!


      I'm reviewing the PDF for all of the custom reporting and am taking a look to see what would apply to me. I'm not a SQL genius though, so anything input would be great!

      At my company we have many controls that need to be run to verify information for auditors. We need to make sure each computer is scanned every 6 months. Here is the report we need:


      Machine name of all computers in inventory

      The date they were last scanned

      The status of each computer if they need patches. This should be able to be missing patch count.


      Our goal is to have the date of each computer scanned, and for missing patch count to display 0 so that the computers don't need any missing patches. If patches are missing and can't be patched, we need to explain why.