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    Virtual Machines vmotioned to different ESXi Host -impacts patching


      I have been creating seperate machine groups, Physical groups and Virtual Machine groups.


      for example:

      01 Monday Physical Machine Group

      01 Monday Virtual Machine Group


      When running a patch scan only (no deployment template selected) I get failures each day from the Virtual Machine group (random machines)


      Upon investigation, it seems that VCENTER vmotions VM's between hosts and thus impacts on the VM Machine Groups I have created.


      Ar present there is no dynamic link between the machine groups and hosts within VCenter.  So the machine, when added to machine group from an ESXi host, is a static entry.


      This means I have to recreate the machine group with the machines that have changed hosts, before I can patch each day.


      I have submited a request to have this "dynamic" update included in a future version of Shavlik Protect.


      Does anyone else have this issue, and how are you getting round it, or advice on how to minimise the admin needed to machine groups prior to patching each morning at 5:00am


      Thanks in advance