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    Is it possible to copy patches to a machine group for use by a later task?


      What I am looking to do is find a way to pre-stage the actual installers for patches without having to install them.  Since there isn't a traditional maintenance window in Shavlik, we would like to be able to deploy the patch installers ahead of time (say, 5pm) to ALL of our patch groups, and then have the actual installation of those triggered by another recurring task for each group of machines based on their schedule.  The idea is to avoid the time overhead involved in pushing missing patches to the machines in each patch group so that we can keep the installation window as small as possible.  Essentially, what I want to know is: if I create a scheduled task that runs a scan, then auto-deploys the patches with the "Copy Patches Only" option, will subsequent scan/deploy/install tasks re-copy all of the patches, or will it skip any installers (exe, msi, etc...) that are already in the C:\WIndows\ProPatches\Patches folder?