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    MS16-120 - Silverlight Install Error 1603


      Looking for some assistance here.. We have around 2100 endpoints and about half of them are able to install MS16-120 with no issues, but the other half are receiving the dreaded 1603 error. I tested this locally by running the installer and confirmed there is an issue installing. If we manually remove the currently installed version first (5.1.41212 - MS16-006 - KB3126036) then we can manually install MS16-120 with no issues but obviously we will need to automate this. The other issue is that MS16-120 will not install unless SilverLight already exists.


      I can create a custom script to uninstall Silverlight, but it seems that the GUID is the same for all versions of 5.X.X, so I can't just target the systems with the old version of 5.1.4 using msiexec. In the Shavlik console, the "Uninstallable" status for this original patch (MS16-006) is No, unfortunately.


      My questions are:


      1. Is anyone else having this issue?

      2. What is the best way to target the machines with SilverLight 5.1.4 and have Shavlik uninstall that version and install the latest 5.1.5 (MS16-120)?





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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          I've searched through our knowledge base and cases and I haven't been able to find this specific issue. This is the only workaround I could come up with.


          Run a Full Asset scan against these machines then run a Software Catalog Report to see which machines have SilverLight 5.1.4 installed.

          This will give you a list of machines that you can use to create a new Machine Group.  The script (batch file) can be push to these machines to remove SilverLight using the Custom Actions feature.  You can use this same Machine Group to install the latest version of SilverLight using a Software Distribution scan and deployment.  Once SilverLight is installed, you can scan for MS16-020 and push it out if it is needed.


          This is a bit complicated so I think it would be best to contact support and setup some time to get this setup.  Feel free to reference this thread.