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    Reliability Monitor shows successful/unsuccessful application installation


      The Shavlik Protect agent seems to be working correctly but I am seeing a recurring error when looking at the Reliability History on the endpoints.


      There is an informational Event, Source:  "Shavlik Protect Threat Protection" with Summary:  "Successful application installation" which is then followed a minute or two later with an Warning Summary: "Unsuccessful application installation."  This cycle of events is seen a number of times each day.


      The description of the warning is:


      Windows Installer installed the product. Product Name: Shavlik Protect Threat Protection. Product Version: 9.2.5149.0. Product Language: 1033. Manufacturer: LANDESK Software, Inc.. Installation success or error status: 1603.


      The error seems to be correlated with the time Active Protection was disabled.  Following this change, we are now running Intune to handle Virus and Real-time protection.  Is it possible there is some conflict when running both Shavlik and InTune simultaneously?


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          Eric.Cuthill SupportEmployee



          The message you are referencing appears to be only related to the threat protection that has been removed from the product earlier this month. I expect that your console is still showing Threat protection and is why when deploying the agent that it is attempting to install it. You can choose to leave the agent as it is and run it on the target machines without issue and you will see this go away as your console updates it licenses etc. If you want to try and speed up the refresh and not get the threat messages, you can try the following. To make sure your console is updated please click help and then enter/refresh license key. Once the Product activation window opens click activate online now and this will complete the first step of the process. Next you will want to click help and refresh files. This will complete the second step. Last you will want to close and restart the console. After this you should be able to deploy agents without them failing to deploy the threat portion.




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