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    Can not deploy patches

    swichowski Rookie

      I am getting the following errors when I deploy patches.    In the patch progress window it says the file is downloaded but they do not show up on the machines.


      I am running Shavlik Protect 9.2.0-5046



      Could not create a file stream on c:\users\administrator\AppData\local\temp\e3721lefc-5dca-4d48-9e5b-44b823db1f4b\stdeployercore.dll  Error 5  Access is denied

      Packager Initialize error:class stwin32::CWin32Exception at filestream.cpp:50 Could not create a file stream

      Move of c$\windows\propatches\scheduler\stschedex.exe to $\windows\propatches\scheduler\stschedex.exe.old failed error 183

      Move of c$\windows\propatches\scheduler\stschedex.exe.tmp to $\windows\propatches\scheduler\stschedex.exe.old failed error 183


      Invalild certificate hash algorithm OID 1.2.840.113549.1.1.1