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    Imaging/cloning systems with Protect agent installed


      I'm wondering if anybody has updated information about pre-installing the Shavlik Protect agent on imaged and cloned machines. There's a thread from 2013 at Incorporate agent into deployment image describing one process, but when trying it with Shavlik Agent 9.2 an error is logged (in STAgentManagement.log) with "Invalid property value 'silent'". The full command I've tried to run, with various iterations, is

      "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect Agent\STAgentManagement.exe" -register -p silent -p serverURI="https://ourserver:3121" -p policy="Scan Only"


      Is there a way to both silently install the agent (I don't want our technicians to have to interact with it at all) AND silently register after the image is deployed? Or, is there updated guidance that makes the entire process easier?



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          Currently there isn't a way to silently preform the blank installation, since the process requires someone actually cancelling out of the registration prompt. This is a workaround rather than a feature.


          The registration command has changed in 9.2. Assuming you're using the shared passphrase authentication, the command you would want is:


          "C:\Program Files (x86)\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect Agent\STAgentManagement.exe" -register -p silent=true -p authType=SharedPassphrase -p passphrase=<yourpassphrase> -p  serverURI="https://ourserver:3121" -p policy="Scan Only"


          Other authentication types are available, and will need to be specified if used.


          The property argument is property=value, which is why your silent argument was invalid. It was never assigned to true or false.


          A full list of commands and syntax is available by running STAgentManagement.exe without any flags

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            Worked great! Thanks for the information.