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    Scan Works But Deploy Fails


      Most of our computers are in a domain but we have a couple that are workgroup computers for various reasons.  Up until a few months ago, these computers were working properly.  I can scan the computers fine but deployments fail.  I have tried to recreate the machine groups, recreate credentials, and add new user accounts to the machines and create the new credentials on the console.  I can copy and delete files from the remote machine with the firewall on or off.  The necessary ports are open on the firewall and the remote registry is running.  The event log on the remote machine show the account was logged on and off but there are not errors related to the deployment.  I am not sure where to go from here.


      The error message is "Unable to copy the file to the target machine. STTestPatch.exe returned -2147023570."


      Thanks in advance,