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    Shavlik Protect 9.2.5149 Update?




      We have had some  agents update to Version 9.2.5149 from 9.2.5119

      Since then these Agents show an error when they try to register


      Also Since around 13:00 everytime we try do something (Look at machines, Agent polices, etc..) we get the following error:


      it crashes from the log file we can see the following:

      2017-01-06T14:17:52.6654217Z 0003 C Launcher.cs:177|System.ArgumentException: Version string portion was too short or too long.

         at System.Version.VersionResult.SetFailure(ParseFailureKind failure, String argument)

         at System.Version.TryParseVersion(String version, VersionResult& result)


      Has this Update caused issues with shavlik console?


      We have tried to Refresh the files, reboot the SQL Server and Shavlik server and this is still not working,


      Has anyone got any suggestions?