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    End point is not available.


      Getting the Error "End point is not available" while scanning.

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          That's not a lot of information to troubleshoot with.  My first question is, which product are you using?  Is the target machine available?  Do you have a screenshot of the error?




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            Yes, the target machine is alive and ports are open, target machine can able to ping and RDP from patch sever.. we are using shavlik protect 9.2.0 Build 4988



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              Thanks, for the additional information. One thing you should consider is an upgrade to the latest version of Protect, there have been many defect fixes. The upgrade normally takes less that 10 minutes in most cases.


              List of defect fixes in each version

              Download Link for the latest version


              This will give me an idea of the scope of the issue:


              • Is this issue specific to this 1 machine or do Power Status scans fail for all machines?
              • Are you able to scan the local Protect server with a Power Status scan using the My Machine group?
              • Do Patch scans work against this same machine?


              For troubleshooting the issue:


              • I would suggest navigating to Tools > Options > Logging and setting logging level to All and then reproduce the issue.  When reproducing the issue, you should attempt to scan the machine by IP, Machine Name and FQDN to rule out routing issues.  The logs are located in the C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs folder.
                • After the test are completed, open ST.Protect.managed.UsernName@ProtectServerName.log with your favorite text editor.  This log will give you information on the scan, this example is how a success Power Status scan should look like:


              WorkItemController.cs:395|Power status scan starting


              AddressTester.cs:128|AddressTesterInternal created

              ResolvableMachine.cs:233|Resolved by machine name 'cwinning2012' -, fe80::a951:295:65e2:65be%12.

              ResolvableMachine.cs:313|Machine name: cwinning2012R2, hostname: cwinning2012, NetBIOS name: CWINNING2012, IP address:, name or address: cwinning2012, FQDN: cwinning2012, domain: CWINNING ping: 00:00:00.2511814.

              AddressTester.cs:114|AddressTesterInternal disposed

              ScanItemsController.cs:162|Scan 'a8050c6b-b643-466c-a339-19df0c13033f' complete.

              WorkItemScanPowerStatus.cs:120|Scan import complete


              Do you see any errors?  Could you copy and paste them into this thread along with answers to the other questions?





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