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    Email Alerts

    MichaelR Rookie

      Is there some way to get a list of what machine groups are generating email reports other than going into each of them one by one an checking?




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          Recursion SupportEmployee

          You could use a SQL Query against the database. Something like:


          SELECT grpName, grpID

            FROM [Protect].[dbo].[ManagedGroups]

            WHERE [Protect].[dbo].[ManagedGroups].[grpID]  = [Protect].[dbo].[LinkEmailRecManagedGroups].[erecMGmgID]


          Assuming your database is named Protect. This is a general idea of the query you could use, and depending on the SQL Server collation and/or your own permissions for query execution, you may need to modify it. Specifically the last line, as you may get an error saying "The multi part identifier could not be bound" if you're unable to make implicit join statements. If you guys have a DBA, he/she can help iron that out.


          In this query, grpID and erecMGmgID are both the machine group ID. The query checks between ManagedGroups (your machine groups) and LinkEmailRecManagedGroups (machine groups that have an email recipient, identified by machine group ID), and grabs the machine group name for any ID's that are present in both (i.e, they're set to send emails, and a machine group that currently exists)

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            MichaelR Rookie

            If you have to use command line SQL queries the answer is in effect no.  OK thank you.