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    Remote Users not Getting Monthly Patch Updates


      I recently took over Patch Management for all workstations minus the servers. We have about 25 Users who work remotely and rarely connect to the network so getting monthly patches pushed out to them is difficult at best. For now I am sending out a monthly reminder to connect so they do get the updates. I understand that there is a way to configure the agent for remote Users and the link to the PDF (Quick Setup Guide) is coming up with a 404 error. Can you provide me that link? Also, which report is the best one to look at to get a true picture of how many machines are in compliance with the monthly patch updates? I am viewing the machines which does show what I am looking for but really looking for a report that can be downloaded to a CSV file.

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          I think Protect agents that communicate to the Protect server through the cloud is your best option.  More on this in the Agent User Guide


          All of our reports can be found in Tools > Create Report.  I would suggest running each of the Patch Reports and see which works best for you.  All of the reports can be export to various formats once generated.  Leave the option View Current Status checked, this will scan on the latest scan for each machine scanned by Protect.  I'm a fan of the Condensed Patch Listing for details of what is missing, Detailed Summary for a quick look and the Executive Summary for management.


          More on Cloud Agents


          Let me know if you have any questions.