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    Windows 10 1607 Off-Domain


      We have various VMware Templates for different versions of Windows and I have 1 that is a Windows 10 Template.

      These are all off-domain so I am using the local admin account to patch them with Shavlik from time to time to keep them up to date.


      I decided to apply the Windows 10 1607 Anniversary update to the template as it hadn't been done and now Shavlik cannot patch that Template anymore.  This has happened twice.  Once with this template and once with a VM I built off this template and then applied the anniversary update.  Both had the same issue.  In the case of the server I built I was only able to resolve by putting the server on the domain and then patching with a domain account.


      From the Shavlik server I can run to the \\ipaddress\c$ login with local admin and connect fine.  Remote registry is running, and I can connect to the remote registry of the IP.

      However, when I scan the IP with Shavlik I get only a Network Connection Error.  It says verify that you can remotely log on to the server.  Credentials library has been checked and rechecked and it is correct.  I patched this thing multiple times and only started getting the error right after the 1607 update was applied.


      I am guessing there is some enhanced security or something blocking me but I have not figured it out yet.