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    Failed to download content id .... (12002)


      Running into an issue and hopefully you can shed some lights.


      This is a brand new installation.  Shavlik 2.3

      • Able to publish to WSUS
      • Using Proxy in the environment
      • Able to download from editing the the published update
      • No problem downloading Windows Updates


      Getting errors when trying to download from software upgrade group to create a package.

      I doubt it is a connection issues as the proxy is allowing me to download from the internet.

      What could be the issues here?




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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          The Shavlik Patch plugin publishes 3rd party updates locally so it would never attempt to download through the wizard. The should already be available at that point. Did you download this update through the Shavlik Patch plugin?  Does the update show published in Software Library > Software updates > Published Third-Party Updates?




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            Using 7-zip for example, I published it with the default settings.  Checking the AutoPublish.log, it says:


            Successfully published '7-Zip 16.04' en revision 3AutoPublish12/7/2016 5:28:40 PM8 (0x0008)
            Publishing complete.  2 of 2 updates were successfully published.AutoPublish12/7/2016 5:28:40 PM8 (0x0008)


            Yes,  it is showed under Published Third-Party Updates.


            So, when you create and download a Software Update Group package with 7-Zip in it for example, where will it download the content?

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              cwinning CommunityTeam



              This is the basic's of how it would be setup:


              1. Publish the updates.  All of the 3rd party updates are downloaded to the SCCM server, the WSUS copies them to itself and the distributes them to distribution points.  So the updates are going to come from the WSUS server or one of the Distribution Points.


              2. If there are new categories:

                  a. Synchronize (incremental) to get the new categories

                  b. Check the categories in Manage Products so they are set to synchronized:  Screenshot


              3. Synchronize to see the updates just published in All Software Updates (will automatically be a full sync if categories changed)


              4. Select the updates to deploy in All Software Updates


              5. Right-click and select Download

                  a. In the wizard, select "Create a new deployment package", give it a name

                  b. Browse to a folder on a server, e.g. \\vm-wsus-server\wsusdeploy

                  c. Create a new subfolder and give it a descriptive name (the folder should be empty)

                  d. Choose that subfolder and click 'Select Folder'

                  e. Click Next

                  f. Select the Distribution Point to use

                  g. Click Summary

                  h. Click Next


              Note: If the download fails, see %temp%\PatchDownloader.log; if you get 404 (not found) errors, the content location may be wrong.  In that case, revise the updates that failed, do an incremental sync, and try again.


              6. Select the updates again in All Software Updates


              7. Right-click and choose 'Create Software Update Group'

                  a. Give the group a name and click Create


              8. Click on 'Software Update Groups' in the navigator, then right-click on the group you just created and select Deploy which brings up a wizard:

                  a. Give it a different name if you wish

                  b. Click on 'Browse' next to Collection and choose a collection of machines to deploy to

                  c. Click Next

                  d. Change the Type of deployment to Available unless you want to force it on all machines in the collection

                  e. Click Summary

                  f. Click Next

                  g. Click Close

                  h. You can select the Software Update Group and click on the Deployment tab to verify the deployment happened.





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                Yes, you are right.  Checking on the %temp%\PatchDownloader.log file gave me some ideas what went wrong.


                When download the updates from SCCM, it points to the FQDN of the WSUS server (locally) and download the content from the content source.  In my situation, it return httpsendrequest failed 12002 and ERROR:DownloadContentFile() Failed with hr=0x80072ee2.  I launch the Internet Explorer and browse to the FQDN of the WSUS server, it return error from the proxy server.  I have to bypass proxy server and insert the FQDN of the server in the exception list.  Repulbish the updates so that the content location gets updated again.  When I create and download the same package from the Software Update group.  I didn't see any errors this time.


                What you suggest is absolutely right above.  Thank you.

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                  cwinning CommunityTeam



                  Pesky proxies. 


                  Glad to see you are up and running now.  Thanks for taking the time to post what you needed to do to troubleshoot and how you corrected your issue. I'm positive this will help future customers encountering the same issue.


                  Let me know if you need anything else.