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    Two Shavlik Protect servers one distribution server?


      Currently we have two Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 servers.  One server is used by our desktop admin team and the other one is used by our server admin team.  My question is can both servers use the same distribution folder on the distribution server or do we need to setup two separate folders for each Protect server?

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          A Distribution Server can be used by as many Protect Console as you like, you would configure a Distribution Server on both Protect consoles to point to the same UNC share (or http) folder 


          Although you can share patch repositories, we suggest each Protect console store their own patch files locally. I'm referring to the patches the Protect console download from the internet. The reason for this is a deployment not using a Distribution Server copies the patches from the Protect console to the target machines. So if you have the patches on a shared folder it would copy them from the shared folder to itself then to the target machines, taking more time and using more bandwidth.