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    Invalid host credentials with Scheduled VM

    JSapello Rookie

      I am having a problem scheduling patch deployments on Hosted VMs with Protect - I get an "Invalid host credentials" error.


      This was working correctly when I first set up Protect, using my administrative (domain admin) account for all credentials in Protect.  However, as we are now rolling this out to the rest of my engineering team, I created a service account in AD (also a domain admin) so all of the engineers don't have to put their credentials in Protect. Ever since I removed my admin account credentials and switched all of my browse and admin credentials to the service account, I get the above error when running a scheduled deployment for hosted VM machines.  I can run immediate deployments fine, and I can run scheduled deployments for the same machines if I add them as standard machines - this only seems to impact the Hosted VMs.


      The only thing I found in the log files is in the ST.TaskHost.managed log - this looks like the error:


      2016-11-22T16:45:10.7312386Z 0008 W ResolvableEntitiesAdapter.cs:172|Virtual server credential vcenter.mydomain.org, /Delilah_DEV/vm/Discovered virtual machine/DEV_CL01_VMs/myserver.mydomain.org wasn't found.


      Any ideas on this?

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          JSapello Rookie

          Ok, I found the issue (helps to read the manual sometimes!) - I was trying to do this with me scheduler credential set to the shared service account, I didn't realize that the scheduler credential had to be the same as the current logged in user.  Once I changed the scheduler credentials to my admin account, I was able to successfully run a scheduled hosted VM deployment.  I guess I am going to still have to have every engineer create another credential that matches their admin account to use just for the scheduler credential, but at least it works.

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            ddenning SupportEmployee



            Thank you for posting your question. You are correct in the solution that you found. Because of the integration with the Microsoft Task Scheduler in Protect 9.2 which requires that scheduled tasks be encrypted per user profile, you need to have logged in credentials set as the scheduler credential for each user. This process is described here Scheduled Console Tasks No Longer Work After Upgrading To Protect 9.2 .





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