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    Update CSWU-039 not missing with agent

    UweGabbert Rookie



      all Machines used with Agent. the Patch is in the patchgroup for These agents. See:

      Many machines Need this update. (See Windows Update). But Shavlik Protect say no patch Need:



      How can I deploy this update with shavlik? I want no use Windows Update.


      Thanks. Uwe

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          ddenning SupportEmployee

          Hi Uwe,


          Thank you for posting this question. This patch could be not detected as missing for one or more of the following reasons:

          • The machines that you are scanning do not meet the operating system requirements. This patch is only applicable to Windows 10 and Server 2016.
          • According to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3197954  this update requires a prerequisite update so make sure that that Q3199986 is installed on the target machines. Please also note that Q3199986 is a non-security patch while the patch you are looking for is a security patch. So to install the pre-requisite patch you will need to put it in a patch group or enable scanning for non-security patches in your patch scan template.





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            UweGabbert Rookie

            Hallo David,


            The machines have Windows 10 and Q3199986.


            NEW TEST:


            I have a patchgroup "Computer" with this patch.

            I have a scantemplate with all Products and Patchlevel (without userdefined Actions)


            I have scan this machines from the console with my scantemplate. It found the missing update as requiered. GOOD.


            The Agent on this machines with the same scantemplate run a patchscan and found nothing!!! BAD.


            What can I do, that the Agent work?


            Thanks Uwe

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              UweGabbert Rookie



              I found the error.


              I have deinstall the WSUS-Service from the Server with the console.


              After this uninstall, the config of the IIS was wrong. I use this IIS as distributionserver for Shavlik Protect and any Clients can't poll the configuration and the updatefiles.


              Now ist works.

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