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    Hosted VM Error 201

    JSapello Rookie

      Hi - I justed started using Shavlik Protect (9.2) to patch servers, and while the majority are working as expected, I have run into a problem with a few of my hosted virtual machines.  I have seen this a few times, but I am going to concentrate on the one example that I have the most detail on:


      I added hosted VM to a machine group through the "Hosted Virtual Machines" tab by finding it on the appropriate ESX host, and I was able to scan the group with no issues and last night I pushed patches to the group (including this VM) successfully.

      This morning, I run a new scan on the same group, and I get an error 201 for just the one VM - all of the other hosted VMs and machines report fine.

      If I add the VM using the name tab and scan it as a standard machine, it scans fine, but it will not scan as a hosted VM.  There is no indication of any changes to the VM in the Vsphere console, and I can still ping the VM from my desktop and from the Shavlik server.


      Any ideas?  If it was just this one VM, I'd just run it as a standard machine (and lose the functionality of pre-patch snapshots), but since I have already seen it on a handful of VMs, I'd like to resolve this properly.





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          Recursion SupportEmployee

          Hi John,


          From what you're describing, it sounds like you may need to open a support case so someone here can take a good look at Protect's logs. You can open a case here


          I've personally seen this on occasion after a VM reboot, when the VM gets stuck in a partially powered on state. However, the logs will confirm why that error is returned.