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    Deployments stuck at "Scheduled"

    canalbi Rookie

      Anyone else having random problems getting scheduled deployments to actually start on remote systems? When I look at the Scheduler logs when it happens, it shows a status of "14109", but I cant seem to find additional information about that status.


      Usually a second attempt at deploying to that system is successful.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          In addition to the document, are you allowing a reboot after deployment?  Do you scan the target machine again before the 2nd deployment attempt?


          I don't know what version of Protect you are running, but in Protect 9.2 folders in this location C:\Windows\ProPatches\Staged would indicate a job not starting.

          It could be a true scheduler issue, you could take a look at the CL5.log located in the C:\Windows\ProPatches\Logs folder of the target machine and look for the patch file name.  If you see it, it attempted to run.




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            canalbi Rookie

            Don't believe any of those apply. A second deployment while changing absolutely nothing is usually successful.

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              canalbi Rookie

              Yes - we always allow for reboots afterwards.

              No 2nd scan attempt before the 2nd deployment.


              I'll take a look at those logs the next time this happens.



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                canalbi Rookie

                Here's a recent one that failed during a deployment that includes a pre and post update reboot. There appears to be way to many errors over scheduled jobs.



                Log attached.

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                  cwinning CommunityTeam



                  Base on this log, the deployment was scheduled to run at the next boot:


                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6113367Z 08c4 I STPackageDeployer.cpp:1287 Scheduling job ('LaunchSTDeployForDeployAfterPreDeployReboot (3cb77b12-b678-4db2-ae1d-50791f2e1c9b)') to launch STDeploy.exe next boot up. . .

                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6113367Z 08c4 V SchedClt.cpp:148 CSchedClt(): schedulerType=1, jobCreator=STPackageDeployer, jobName=LaunchSTDeployForDeployAfterPreDeployReboot (3cb77b12-b678-4db2-ae1d-50791f2e1c9b), comment=Pre-deployment reboot - relaunch STDeploy.exe at bootup.


                  The logs also state Protect successfully initiate the pre-install reboot and the server rebooted.


                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6188367Z 08c4 I STPackageDeployer.cpp:1290 Launching SafeReboot. . .

                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6188367Z 08c4 I STPackageDeployer.cpp:380 SafeReboot command line: '"C:\Windows\ProPatches\Installation\InstallationSandbox#2016-10-27-T-01-46-20\SafeReboot.exe"  -o 3 -requestor 1 -s 2 -i 10 -m 30 -w 10 -n safeReboot.exe -power 4'

                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6638367Z 08c4 I STPackageDeployer.cpp:1293 SafeReboot launched; STDeploy.exe will now exit; depending on SafeReboot deployment options, the user may now be interacting with a SafeReboot dialog.

                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6838367Z 08c4 S DeployExeStates.cpp:412 Leaving STDeploy::CInitialExecutionPackageDeploy::DoStatefulRemediateActions.

                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6838367Z 08c4 I STDeploy.cpp:249 Current remediation phase completed. Process exit code: 0.

                  2016-10-27T01:47:01.6838367Z 08c4 S STDeploy.cpp:154 Leaving wmain.


                  Did the system reboot?

                  When did you collect the logs?


                  We're going to need a full set of logs here, I think it's time to open a support case.  There are too many variable to troubleshoot snippets of specific logs.