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    "Result Import Error". Certain machines not showing up in Asset scan


      For the past week we have noticed certain machines (win7) are not showing up in Asset scan.  They are on, reachable by all intended remote access methods and don't seem to have any issue.  Reboots have been performed on those machines and they still do not show up in Asset scan results.


      I have cleared the machine listing and deleted many xml files from the ..\arrivals folder.

      Any ideas?


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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          I can't think of any known Asset scan issues, what version of Protect are you using?

          Have you recently made GPO settings to lock down your Windows 7 machines?  Asset Scan Requirements

          Do Patch scans work?


          You could take a look at the logs and look for obvious errors, I would suggest scanning a single machine to make looking at the logs easier.

          The logs are located here: C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs  (deleting the current logs makes it easier to view the logs)

          The Asset scan information would be in the ST.Protect.managed.UserName@ProtectServerName.log


          This is a successful Asset Scan: (enable All logging in Tools > Options > Logging before testing)


          ResolvableMachine.cs:233|Resolved by machine name 'CWINNINGTest' - 10.x.x.x.

          ResolvableMachine.cs:313|Machine name: CWINNINGTest, hostname: CWINNINGTest, NetBIOS name: CWINNINGTest, IP address: 10.X.X.X, name or address: CWINNINGTest, FQDN: CWINNINGTest.localdomain, domain: SHAVLIK ping: 00:00:00.2537905.

          PatchAndAssetResolver.cs:119|Scan id = aa313ea4-9ee3-4c7b-bdae-4fd5a60e66bb, Total = 1, Duplicates = 0, Filtered = 0, Excluded = 0

          AddressTester.cs:114|AddressTesterInternal disposed

          ScanManagerService.cs:74|Asset scan started aa313ea4-9ee3-4c7b-bdae-4fd5a60e66bb

          ScanItemsController.cs:162|Scan 'aa313ea4-9ee3-4c7b-bdae-4fd5a60e66bb' complete.

          TaskbarNotification.cs:175|Asset scan results ready from scan at 10/18/2016 7:34:57 AM.


          WorkItemController.cs:410|Asset scan ended with status: 'Completed'

          OperationPresenter.cs:273|Completed ST.UI.Controllers.Scheduling.AssetScan operation: CWINNINGTest

          TaskbarNotification.cs:175|1 new scan result(s) are available.





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            We are running version 9.2.0 build 5119.  Have not tried patch scan yet. Will take a look at logs and report back.  Thank you