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    Check in fails on all machines

    Albert.vanthul Rookie

      It is not possible anymore to contact the shavlik server anymore from all machines. If I do an manual check in it fails with the following error:



      2016-10-05T14:23:22.0403392Z 2e00 E CheckIn.cpp:366 Failed to connect to 'https://xxxxx.YYYYY.zzzzzz.com:3121/ST/Console/AgentState/V81'. Error: class STServiceModel::Wws::CWebServiceException at TrustChannel.cpp:46: (null)

      Error detail:

      There was an error communicating with the endpoint at 'https://xxxxx.YYYYY.zzzzzz.com:3121/ST/Console/STS/ConsoleSTS'.

      There was an error sending the HTTP request.

      A required certificate is not within its validity period when verifying against the current system clock or the timestamp in the signed file.

      The date in the certificate is invalid or has expired


      Any ideas?