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    IMPORTANT! Changes to the Login for Community and Portal

    karenpeacock Employee

      From Wednesday 5th October we have made some changes to the way in which you access our support systems.  As a result, you will not be able to login to our online support systems (community and portal) until you follow the instructions below.


      • You must now login using your registered email address* as your username.
        • NOTE: This is case sensitive so please use lower case
      • Please reset your password once using the "Forgot Your Password" link.


      *The email address to use is the one which the support team contact you on.  You may have decided to get community communications to a different email address but this doesn't form your login username.

      *This change does not affected your community display name (how you are identified to other users on the community).


      Please comment below or contact support if you are having problems.


      Thank you for your patience whilst we work to further improve your online support experience.


      Kind regards

      Shavlik Support