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    How to add additional machines into Machine View in Shavlik Protect.

    mreny Rookie

      I have a network that consists of different segments and today I am attempting to add a system that I can ping to the list of systems that show up under Machine Groups -- Domain PCs.  I am able to have these systems listed under Machine when I select the Domain PCs tab on the main Default Machine Groups. While the system was online this morning I attempted to have it added to the list of systems in the domain and am unsure how to accomplish this.  As you can see from the below screen shot, I have the domain in which there are systems that I am able to manage, but the below systems are not showing up in the list of Domain systems.  We are using Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 Build 5119.  What I am trying to do is get them into the fold so that I can do all the Windows and 3rde party updates that are configured. 


      I also noticed that the system did not have the ProPatches folder setup on it.  Do I need to run something else to be able to have these systems start reporting back their patch status.


      Any assistance would be appreciated.  I also tried looking in the documentation and was not able to figure out where to start.




      Mark Reny

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Machine Groups and Machine View (View > Machine) are completely different things Protect.


          Machine View (View > Machines) is a dynamic list of machines that have been been scanned in the past.  These aren't truly containers since the machines can move around if they are included in multiple Machine Groups. In other words, the machines would show under the Machine Group name that last scan it.


          The static lists of machines are going to be in your Machine Groups and there numerous method to add machines to them.  If you are looking populate the View > Machines then scanning from a Machine Group or groups is the way to go.  I would suggest create a new Machine Group for each Segment and determine the best method to add machines to fit your needs. Machines scanned by these groups will show in View > Machines under the Machine Group name.


          The ProPatches folder is setup during the first deployment to the target machine, it is only used for deployments.


          Let me know if you have any questions,




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            Thanks for explaining the difference between machine and machine groups.


            But the answer(s) so far did NOT answer the original question?  How to I add a machine to an machine group in Shavlik Protect 9.2?



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              anthony.swanson SupportEmployee



              To add additional machines to a machine group, you open the machine group in which you wish to add the machines to and you will find the options for how to add a machine.




              From each of these tabs, you can add machines by whichever method you choose to and they will get added to that machine group. Once added, you would click 'Save' on the window and this will save any changes made to the machine group including the newly added machines there.    


              Thank you,