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    hfcli.exe unable to extract hf7b.xml


      Since having updated to Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 Build 5119, scanning with hfcli.exe fails because of not being able to extract hf7b.xml.

      We download hf7b.cab from http://xml.shavlik.com/data .

      Already when trying to extract the hf7b.cab, 7-Zip [64] 16.02 warns:


      There are data after the end of archive


      Path = C:\Jobs\DownLoadXML\hf7b.cab

      Type = Cab


      There are data after the end of archive

      Physical Size = 8826239

      Tail Size = 7656

      Method = LZX:21

      Blocks = 1

      Volumes = 1

      Volume Index = 0

      ID = 34713


      Everything is Ok

      Archives with Warnings: 1

      Warnings: 1

      Size:       8821760

      Compressed: 8833895


      When starting hfcli.exe we get the error:


      Error: [Filepath]\Hf7b.xml: Can not open the file as archive


      class Opc::CContainerException at Opc.cpp:1007: Unable extract '_rels\.rels' part-content from the zip archive.: Zip error: 2.


      Any suggestions how to resolve the problem are welcome!



      - Klaus