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    Problems scanning machines


      I'm having a really hard time connecting to machines. I have implemented every item on the Patch Scanning Prerequisites list. Any suggestions? I'm getting errors all over the board, remoting permissions, netbios ports firewall blocking, network connection error, wrong hostname, connection refused. Out of 500 devices I can only connect to half if I'm lucky.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          It's quite possible you are indeed running into configuration\network issues preventing the scans from completing.  The first thing, make sure you are running the latest version of Protect 9.2.5119.


          You're going to need to troubleshoot these issue one at a time until you find some common issues you can change\fix in your environment.  I would suggest only scanning from a Machine Group and not from View > Machines to limit the variables.  Make sure you are setting specific credentials in the Machine Group.  You will see a Machines No Scanned tab which will give you scan errors:  Troubleshooting Shavlik Protect Patch Scan Error Messages


          Some helpful CMD commands to determine networking issues: (any issues encountered running these will need to be fixed before scanning these machines)

          • net use \\machinenameor\IPC$
            • Try by hostname and IP, do both work?
          • nslookup machinename
            • Try by hostname and IP, do both work? 




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            I'm running through each error on each machine now.