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    Error when exporting Machine Status Summary report

    alexwu Rookie

      Hi guys,


      So i just encounter this error when exporting the machine status summary report, all of the other reports seem to be exporting fine.

      Just upgraded to 9.2.5119 and the issue persists, had it also on 9.2.4988.


      Checked online but can.t see anything specifig that might help, any ideas ?


      Thx all


      Problem signature:

        Problem Event Name: CLR20r3

        Problem Signature 01: st.protect.exe

        Problem Signature 02: 9.2.5119.0

        Problem Signature 03: 57756541

        Problem Signature 04: GrapeCity.ActiveReports.Document.v9

        Problem Signature 05: 9.2.3032.0

        Problem Signature 06: 5508fa54

        Problem Signature 07: 7a4

        Problem Signature 08: 12

        Problem Signature 09: System.InvalidOperationException

        OS Version: 6.1.7601.

        Locale ID: 1030

        Additional Information 1: 988e

        Additional Information 2: 988e2c33c1e072ee18772544002922ed

        Additional Information 3: d590

        Additional Information 4: d590aa237a50daa8d387e17321198424