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    Batching Bulletin to get Qnumbers


      Hello all,


           I am fairly new to Shavlik but I understand that the scans use the Qnumbers to search for patches being applied to the target. I am creating a patch group that scans for the last 2 years of Microsoft patches that have been isolated on a list. The problem is that all of the patches are the  Bulletin ID and so far the only way I have found to get the corresponding Q number is one at a time in the patches area. Is there a way of using a text file with the Bulletin numbers to get a batched list of Qnumbers? Any help would be a life saver and time saver. Thanks



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          We definitely don't have anything from the GUI, PowerShell script or SQL script for this.


          You may be able to use SQL and our Report Views to accomplish this.  The basics would be to open a text file in SQL and then query for the patches.  The caveat is your going to need to know SQL to get this accomplished.


          SELECT [Id]








            FROM [Reporting].[Patch]


                [Bulletin] = 'From Text File'


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