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    Mutliple logins to one console?

    dharmatma Rookie


      Our maintenance team is wondering how it might be possible to have more than one admin conducting manual updates in Shavlik.

      I have read this: Overview on How Credentials Work in Patch for Windows

      I am wondering if one of them were logged in as himself by virtue of being in the local administrators group on the Shavlik Protect server (we only have one), and the other is logged in as the server Administrator, could both still open the Shavlik console and run updates on their respective machines?

      Thanks very much.

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Credentials are save by user profile, if you want to share the credentials all users would need to log into the server with the same credential.  If you want to have multiple admins using Protect at the same time then each user would need to create their own set of credentials in Protect and apply them where needed.