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    Best way to ignore and delete certain patches




      I'm sure this has been answered before so I apologise in advance. Typically when I scan for missing patches I use the built in template WUScan (default) from the two built in templates. I've just discovered that a Windows 7 patch breaks our Cisco Viewmail client. Firstly I need to scan the network for that particular patch and then remove it. I have made a patch scan looking for the patch which it finds. Is there a setting on this scan template which will uninstall the patch after the scan has been performed? I know I can uninstall by right clicking but as this patch has been deployed to almost everyone I was hoping that I could remove it easily.


      My next question is when the patch has been removed I would like to prevent it from being reinstalled. To do this do I need to make a "My Patch  Scan Template" and then apply the patch scan that I created above?


      If any of you can share your knowledge/method that will be greatly appreciated!