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    File Validation failed

    jfincher Rookie

      I'm getting a lot of these on my patch deployments:




      A reboot and rescan still show's them as missing.


      What do I need to get this resolved?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Without logs, the Protect Server or target machine is unable to validate the digital signature of the files.  This is usually caused by outdated root certificates on the machine where the failing occurs. It could also indicate an issue with the downloaded patches, make sure they are not corrupt.


          • You could take a look at the logs:
            • C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs


          I would suggest using a program like notepad++ to open all of the logs at the same times so you can search all of them at the same time.  Searching for 'space' E 'space' (the spaces are real spaces) will show you all the errors in the logs.


          You can also submit a case here:  https://support.shavlik.com/CaseLogging.aspx