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    Patch lync2013-kb3114732-fullfile-x86-glb.exe fails to install

    mreny Rookie

      I am using Shavlik Protect Standard to maintain my patching on approx. 16 systems.  I have the above patch that I have deployed on multiple occasions but the next day, even after the systems have restarted, this patch is listed as not being installed. I have validated that the affected systems do in fact have the software installed that this patch references.  What I see when I deploy is the files get copied, and then status changes over to Scheduled.  My understanding from reading the documentation is that once the files is "copied" it would be considered a done deal.  Are there any logs on the server side that I can look at to see why these systems are not deploying this patch or is that information located on the local system?  This is the only patch that I am having an issue with too.  All the other patches that were listed for the systems installed with no issues and on their initial deployment.