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    Buyer be aware-licensing differences: How to exchange my recently purchased license for the correctly needed license?

    C.L Rookie

      After receiving a notice from a renewals sales rep that my current maintenance was going to expire, I inquired about purchasing new licensing and what the difference in scanning for workstations or servers was.  Was it different patches, etc.  I didn't receive an answer, but was told I could buy more licenses.  I reviewed my license from the Shavlik console, and attempted to scan all my devices.  Some servers scanned, and some didn't due to being out of licenses.


      I asked for a SKU from a Sales Manager to purchase through a reseller.  After purchasing and updating my license, I received the same error messages.  I opened a case with support - Case 00894612.


      After the quick explanation that I'm scanning about 40 devices, but only 32 were scanning.  Support told me that I purchased the incorrect licensing and fully explained the licensing.  Support would give me a temp license until I could exchange the recently purchased workstations licenses for server licenses.


      Shavlik has said no returns or exchanges. My RMA has been denied.  Now I have 10 additional licenses that I do not need nor will I ever use.  Maybe I need to look for a new product.



      Any suggestions on how to exchange my recently purchased license for the correctly needed license?   Has anyone else experienced this poor business practice?