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    Adobe Security Advisory (APSA)

    jiwilson Rookie

      I've noticed that whilst all Security Bulletin (APSB-xxx) are included under Adobe, there are no Security Advisory (APSA-xxx)


      Why is that?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          APSB are security bulletin patches for Adobe products, APSA are security advisories where the fix isn't available yet.


          • Adobe Product Security Bulletin (APSB): An announcement about a security vulnerability in an Adobe product. The vulnerability has been patched, and the solution is to update to a newer version of the product.
          • Adobe Product Security Advisory (APSA): Same as APSB, except that the vulnerability has not been patched yet, and a fix update isn't available yet. A solution is either to downgrade to a safe version, using other mitigation methods, or that there's no current solution.




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            jiwilson Rookie

            Thanks Charles - I had just reached the same conclusion