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    Shavlik Protect Agent install via script

    derekshaw15 Rookie

      Hi Everyone,

      I am trying to push protect agents via SCCM.  I have the documentation on how to write the command line, but it keeps failing with the error "access denied: insufficient privilege".  I am putting in a username and password in the script, but the log shows it trying to use 'current credentials' instead.  Has anyone seen this before?  Below is my script.


      STPlatformUpdater.exe /wi:"/qn /l*v install.log SERVERURI=https://xxxxxxxx:3121 POLICY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx AUTHENTICATIONTYPE=WINDOWS SERVERUSERNAME=xxxxxxxxxx\xxxxxxxx PASSWORD=xxxxxxxxxxxx"


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          The script looks good.  I test the same script on one of my VM through a CMD and it installed an agent.  It's a good idea to try the same to ensure the basic script works before adding complexity of SCCM.  (Support has not used SCCM to deploy the agent)


          Try to use the script in a CMD prompt on one of the machines. 

          • You will need the STPlatformUpdater.exe for this test, make sure it's in the same folder you are running the script from.
          • Sometimes the Agent UI will install but the agent isn't completely installed, make sure you see the Policy: PolicyName in the very lower left corner of the Agent UI.  You should also verify you can see the Patch Tasks under the Patch tab to ensure the full agent is installed.


          If that fails, double-click on the STPlatformUpdater.exe and run through the install by hand. Make sure to use the same information from you script.


          Lastly, spaces in the Policy Name may cause some funkiness.