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    Unscheduled patch and reboot


      Running Shavlik Protect Standard 9.2.0 Build 5046.

      I'm using the agent, and a policy set to scan and deploy the Second Tuesday +6 days 11pm.  It's been working great for months.

      This morning I had a server hard crash (unrelated to Shavlik), and when it came back up the next time the scan ran it ran a scan and deploy at 10:07am, installed patches and rebooted  


      I do not have the policy set to run on reboot if missed.  When I look at the agent logs I see it going back many days every four hours scanning and reporting:

      Found 0 missing service packs and 7 missing patches.

      What I can't figure out is why it decided to patch today after the server was brought back up. It's as if it suddenly thought it was a different day and time. I know the agent did it because it says:

      6/30/2016 10:07:48 Information Attempting to deploy 0 missing service packs and 7 patches.

      I have gone back and re-checked the policy, it's still set for 11pm, six days after Patch Tuesday. Other servers who have this policy all updated normally.  When I go back through the Agent log it did not try to install the updates on the day it should have, it just kept doing a scan. No other servers tried to update this morning.  I checked the event viewer and the Time-Service is updating the server time without errors, so it should have been accurate.

      Any ideas?

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          I can't think of any reason why it would attempt to scan and deploy other than having the 'Run on boot is scheduled missed' being enabled or issues with the date\time on the server.  You verified the option wasn't enabled, are you able to verify if the date and time was correct before the crash happened?  Your able to have more than one Patch Task in a policy, do you have more than one set?  And of course the hard crash could have caused some type of issue with the agent.