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    Shavlik Protect "You are about to be signed out" Prompt

    derekshaw15 Rookie

      Hi All,

      I am just beginning to use Shavlik Protect.  I have my deployment template set to reboot immediately after installation with an 8 hour time limit.  If the user hits reboot now or the 8 hours expires, they get a prompt saying "You are about to be signed out" "The system is restarting per your IT department's action to finalize patch installation.  Please save all work in progress and log off.  Any unsaved work will be lost." 


      My question is this.....can you make that not pop up and just instantly reboot?  My IT Director doesn't want that to come up, if someone hits reboot now, he wants it to reboot now, not in 60 seconds.  I know it's there as kind of a safe guard so people have 60 seconds to save work, etc.  Just wanted to know if there was a way to get rid of that message and just have it reboot?


      Any help is appreciated.  Thank you.