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    Shavlik console crash after upgrading Virtual Centre Server to 5.5 U3d

    PaulFreedman Apprentice

      We are currently running Shavlik version 9.2.0 Build 4988 and connecting to VMware VC to pull in our virtual machines. After upgrading the VC to 5.5 U3d the Shavlik console crashes for all users with the following message;




      Problem signature:
        Problem Event Name: CLR20r3
        Problem Signature 01: ST.Protect.exe
        Problem Signature 02: 9.2.4988.0
        Problem Signature 03: 5633d47f
        Problem Signature 04: System
        Problem Signature 05: 4.6.1055.0
        Problem Signature 06: 563c0ff8
        Problem Signature 07: b39
        Problem Signature 08: 0
        Problem Signature 09: System.FormatException
        OS Version: 6.3.9600.
        Locale ID: 2057
        Additional Information 1: c810
        Additional Information 2: c810854a57c29209c5f496e393360c49
        Additional Information 3: e570
        Additional Information 4: e570f8350063e547312437639d24dc63

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      It seems to be an issue when its refreshing the VC, as the virtual servers are never populated and the following is in the ST.Protect.managed log



      Is there known issues with certain version of VMware?