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    DirectX 9.0c Gold on End-of-Life Report


      When running an End-of-Life by Product report, DirectX 9.0c Gold is showing up for most of our devices with an End-of-Life date of "7/14/2015". I've seen this earlier discussion from about a year ago, however, I don't really feel like this addresses the issue. I am unable to find any "end-of-support" information for DirectX 9 provided by Microsoft. The previous discussion I linked seemed to indicate that the EOL date is based on EOL for Windows XP, however, since DirectX 9 is officially supported on operating systems up to, and including, Windows 7, I don't feel like XP's EOL date is really relevant.


      Can someone clarify where this EOL date is coming from or what we can do about it? It's not a huge problem but I don't like seeing products that are supposedly past their end of support date on our reports if I can avoid it.