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    Not detecting Office 2013 or 2016 patches


      I've recently realised that Protect isn't detecting that Office 2013 or 2016 is installed on our computers. If I do a scan with "Security Patch Scan" or "WUScan" then nothing shows as either installed or missing.


      We've got a couple of machines still on Office 2010 and it's detecting those okay. I've refreshed files and it's updating Windows, Firefox etc just fine.


      Any ideas?



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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          Does the Machine Inventory report under Tools > Create Report show Office 2013 or 2016 as installed?


          DPDTrace logs and registry exports would help us determine why Office 2013\2016 isn't being detected in the scan:  Dpdtrace Logging Tool Used for Patch Detection Issues


          It would be best to open a case with support:  Support Portal




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            Is there any chance the solution could be posted here? I'm having a similar issue in the context of attempting to use Shavlik protect to deploy MS office.


            edit. If while youre at it you could find it in your heart to link any relevant articles that would be most appreciated. I've exhausted my search abilities and have come up with very little relevant documentation.

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              ddenning SupportEmployee

              Hi Tyrolian,


              We researched the case in question and it looks like Simon321 has click-to-run versions of Office which are not supported by Shavlik as is mentioned in this document Click-to-Run Products . The way to test this is to run a Full Asset Scan against the impacted machine then go to View > Machines > Choose Target Machine and choose the Software Assets tab to see the list of installed software. Here you should be able to see if the Click-to-run component is a part of your installation of Office.


              If you are certain that your versions of Office are not click-to-run and continue to see issues or have further questions, please create a support case and we can look into this.




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                Thanks for the response ddenning, i appreciate it.


                Indeed you're correct in that i'm using click to run versions of office.


                What i'm trying to do is find a way to use shavlik to distribute office 16 to some of our machines. By following some older looking documentation it seems that the most effective way to do this is to create a custom patch scan with "software distribution" filtered for office 16 and when it shows up in the "missing patches" I should be able to deploy it. My problem is that when i do this on a machine with no office installed at all, i dont see any "missing patches", nor do i see it in the "informational" section of the scan results.


                In short, is it possible to deploy an offline installer for office 16 using shavlik?


                *edit* i just realised that office doesn't appear in the "available third-party products will be reported........" section of the patch scan template. Does this mean that shavlik no longer supports software distribution for MS office?

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                  Recursion SupportEmployee

                  There currently isn't a Software Distribution for Office 2016, as Office 2016 isn't publicly downloadable and requires signing into an Office for Home or Office for Business account of some kind.


                  You might be able to deploy Office 16 via a custom patch. The main issue I see that could come up is if the offline installer doesn't support a quiet flag to suppress user interaction. Because deployments run under the system account, if the installers asks for input, that will never be seen by a logged in user.


                  Here's more info on custom patches:


                  Considerations For Custom Patches And Products

                  How To: Create a Custom Patch 

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                    awesome, thanks for the speedy reply rdavidson,


                    I'll have a read through that documentation and see what i can come up with. Have any other shavlik users managed to set this up?


                    many thanks!

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                      Recursion SupportEmployee

                      Looking back on previous cases, there are a few where we've steered others this route and didn't hear back about any issues. You can take that as you will - It could mean they were successful. Unfortunately we don't have a confirmed success.


                      I recently worked with someone who needed to deploy Skype for Business 2016 specifically, and that worked out using the download from their O365 account. As long as the full Office installer accepts a quiet flag in the same manner, it should go through just fine.

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                        cheers mate,


                        i'll have a play around with it and see what i can come up with.


                        i appreciate the help!