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    Windows 10


      Will there be in the near future a method via Shavlik protect to  upgrade existing windows 10 to the next service branch (TH2, Redstone 1 etc). More pressure is being applied to start planning  a migration of our mostly windows 7 systems  to windows 10. At the moment IT are the only ones with windows 10 but  we are wanting to expand this to our 50 + locations most of which have slow lines and easily saturated. We use distribution servers at each of our 50 Plus locations. Besides finding a method to upgrade all our windows 7 systems to  windows 10 either by in place upgrades or new hardware with windows 10 already installed  or some other method, I see  an issue with the large windows 10 Cumulative updates that need to be pushed monthly  and the constant   at least yearly branch upgrade  to stay supported and not end of life status on the windows 10 system as major issues.   What are members of the community that are in a similar situation doing  in their organizations for the  service branch updates / windows 10 patching as well as windows 10 upgrades/ deployments?

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          We are working on a solution now, I unfortunately do not have a solid ETA at the moment.  The solution will allow you to upgrade to TH2. What you need to keep in mind is you will be sending 3GB+ to each machine so the issue with bandwidth will still be a factor.




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            We're looking at getting Windows 10 implemented and I ran into a problem with trying to upgrade an older version of 10 to 1511.  What I ended up having to do was get the Win 10 with 1511 iso (over 4GB), copying to the patches folder on the Shavlik server, renaming it to the file that it was trying to use (once it downloaded and failed), and running the install again.  For whatever reason, when letting Shavlik try, it wanted to use an 'Education' version of the iso and only downloaded an 85kb file.  Once I had the file copied and renamed, running the install did the trick.  Make sure to select the correct version of the 'Install Selected Patches' dropdown (1511 for me, but there were 3 available options).

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              We have a guide on upgrading to 1511 here: Windows 10 Build Upgrade Deployment Support in Patch for Windows Servers


              For the most part, the process is what you described. The ISO needs to be downloaded, prepared, and then it can be deployed.