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    WES7 - Shavlik Protect and write filters


      Hi, We are looking at various patching tools available and does anyone have any experience with Shavlik Protect on Wyse terminals with Windows Embedded 7 and the File Based write filter enabled? Is the are an option in Shavlik to disable FWBF, reboot, patch, reboot and enable the FBWF?


      Or can Shavlik commit the changes made during patching rather than going through all the reboots and enabling/disabling?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          We don't have experience with FBWF so our advice will be limit.  It may be possible to use Custom Actions to disable the FBWF, assuming you have a command or batch file you can run to disable it. (you can run command or batch files)  The work flow could look like this:  (assuming it is possible)


          1. Setup a Custom Action deployment to disable FBWF and reboot the machine.
          2. Setup a Scan and Deployment with another Custom Action to enable FBWF after the patch install or after reboot.


          You can read more about the feature here:  Custom Actions or search the community for Custom Action for various guides.