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    Shavlik Protect will NOT upgrade to Windows 10, right?


      Hi all,


      So, Microsoft has gone beyond obnoxious with their automatic Windows 10 upgrades.  A client told me his home computer just did it, and he said he didn't click anything, but I told him, "You must have!"  Because, the one other time this happened and a user claimed she didn't do it (this was many months ago), it turns out she had the local administrator password, and had typed it in but didn't tell me.  That was then.  Now, see here:


      How Microsoft's tricky new Windows 10 pop-up deceives you into upgrading | PCWorld


      My client probably just closed the window and thought nothing more of it.  This seems like it would work without administrator intervention.


      Anyway, I'm doing a review of all my client's networks to make sure this doesn't happen.  I used to feel safe back when Microsoft said they wouldn't push this on domain-joined computers, but then they added it as a Recommended update, which, if Windows Updates is configured to allow recommended updates to install automatically, would install it even on domain-joined computers.  So, I'm ensuring that Windows Automatic Updates is Disabled through Group Policy, and using Shavlik Protect, of course.


      I would lay 99-to-1 that Shavlik Protect wouldn't download the Windows 10 free upgrade through WUScan, since Shavlik is selective in what is included there.  And, Software Distribution is not supposed to be deployed automatically, so I'm not worried about that.  Nevertheless, I searched through all the patches and Software Distribution items in the Patches window, and did not find the Windows 10 upgrade.  That's encouraging.


      In addition, 99-to-1 is still probably stingy of me, because I figure it wouldn't even be possible for Shavlik Protect to download the free Windows 10 Upgrade installer files separately and then push them to the computer, given validation and activation requirements.


      However, I thought I would post here and get official confirmation on this, not just for my peace of mind, but for anyone who happens to search "Shavlik Protect Windows 10 Upgrade" but found nothing, like I did.


      Can we confirm that Shavlik Protect will not upgrade anyone's computers from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10?




      Jeffrey Fox