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    Reporting over time


      We have Shavlik Protect, installed it well over 3 monts ago, and now we would like some reports over these 3 months to see if we follow the path we expect. I cannot seem to find reports that shows over time, when I go to Reports I can on no Groups select days?


      I would like a Graph that shows Patches installed pr. day, and then maybe over last 1 month or more?


      Also a Graph that shows not installed Patches, same way.


      Is this possible?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          For built-in reports, you are limited to what reports you can create by what's in Tools > Create Reports.  I'm not aware of any trending reports, it's pretty much current at the time of the scan you base the report on.  You can further filter the reports by enabling the Advanced Filters in the options.  It's best to take a look at each report and use the one that best matches your needs.


          You can also write your own queries, here is a guide:  Report Views Guide