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    Script or Scan to "Get pending reboot status".


      Newbie here.... Sometimes when deploying I will notice the job is Schedule with 0 of say 30 patches install.  Finally when logging on to the remote server, I will see that the server is requiring a reboot because of another application install or other.  Is there a way to develop a scan or run an It script that you can run to get the pending reboot status of a machine?


      John Oliver

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          We don't have a script to obtain this information. You could be encountering a Tracker update issue, it's also possible the job isn't scheduled and the deployment never started.


          Are patches being installed by Protect? Deployment Tracker Stays at Executed or Scheduled Status 

          Do you allow a reboot after deployment?  Most deployments require a reboot.

          Do you have Windows Update checking disabled?  Best Practice: Windows Automatic Updates


          Target side logs would help track down the issue.  You could gather them and open a case with support:  Support Portal


          Protect 9.x Deployment Logs (For agentless deployment)

          1. Navigate to a machine that is being deployed to from the console.

          2. If you are unable to set logging via the GUI see this doc: http://community.shavlik.com/docs/DOC-23048

          3. Stop the ST Remote Scheduler Service.

          4. Delete or rename the entire C:\Windows\ProPatches folder.

          5. Attempt to reproduce your issue. Please note the steps to reproduce.

          6. Stop the ST Remote Scheduler Service.

          7. Copy all of the contents of the C:\Windows\ProPatches folder except for the Patches subdirectory into a new folder.

          6. Zip and attach to the case.



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            Hey Charles

            To answer your questions... within the Deployment Tracker, the server will be in a "scheduled status" and will not continue, even after an hour or so.  After navigating to the machine and logging on, it will state in a very first pop up that a restart is required before installing any additional patches.  I am familiar with the stopping the ST Remote services and deleting the content of Windows\Propatches\ staged, patches, and installation.  But if the first screen pop after logging on to the server states "A restart is required" (non shavlik dialog).....then a restart is required.


            I am running Protect Standard 9.2.0,  Windows automatic updates are disabled by policy, and patches are being deployed "With Dialog and force reboot".  So I suspect someone (another engineer performed some update or application install without rebooting) and left the server in that state prior to patch night. I also considered performing a deployment of "Pre and Post reboot" but that will add a substantial amount of time to patch night.  (Especially when you have 90 + servers)


            In searching the web, I found a power shell script to "get pending reboot status" .  Can this be incorporated into Shavlik?  Script Get-PendingReboot - Query Computer(s) For Pending Reboot State

            A script to run prior to patching and telling me what servers require a pre reboot would save time as I could target only those servers that need a pre reboot.


            Thanks for your time.


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              We do have a feature called ITScripts, depending on your license key it could work out for you:  http://rs.shavlik.com/documents/Shavlik_Protect_92/gl-prt-9-2-ITScripts.pdf


              You will need the following capability:


              Unless you have machines that take a long time to reboot, the pre-install reboot is a good option to make sure everything is running correctly.  All the machines would reboot at the same time.