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    Error on machine 'xxxx':Failed


      After upgrade Shavlik from 9.1.0 Build 4511 to 9.2.0 Build 5046, I cannot push patches to the client with "Error on machine 'xxxx':Failed" error.


      Below is error logs.



      2016-05-10T15:29:07.1312348Z 0018 I PatchDeployment.cs:95|Starting machine name: xxxx.
      2016-05-10T15:29:13.1378123Z 0011 E PatchDeploy.cs:406|xxxx failed - Packager error -2147467259
      2016-05-10T15:29:13.1846168Z 0015 I WorkItemDeployment.cs:367|Patches deployed
      2016-05-10T15:29:13.1846168Z 0015 I WorkItemController.cs:410|Patch deployment ended with status: 'Completed'
      2016-05-10T15:29:23.1071708Z 0010 E PatchDeploymentTaskView.cs:323|Deployment id 21563: Error on machine 'xxxx': Failed


      2016-05-10T15:29:13.1378123Z 03ec E PackagerAPI.cpp:573 Packager Initialize error: class STWin32::CWin32Exception at FileStream.cpp:50: Could not create a file stream on 'C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Temp\b3683a89-3372-4f98-af7c-09f6147e1a9b\STDeployerCore.dll': Error 5: Access is denied.



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          Unfortunately, the MS error in the snippet is generic, we will most likely require all the logs from the console and the client machine.  Do you get the same error for deployments on all machines or just this machine?  Reboot the Protect console server and then perform a Help > Refresh Files.