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    Scheduled deployment never ran


      Yesterday I setup a 'once' scheduled deployment to patch a bunch of Windows server VM templates.

      They scan successfully immediately but when I came in this morning it never deployed at the allotted time.

      In Shavlik Protect Operations Monitor they show as status Scheduled for their job and under Deployment tracker they show the deployment time as when I ran it and the scheduled time as what I requested 23:30 but nothing...


      Why didn't they deploy, what errors/logs can I look at?

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          cwinning CommunityTeam



          You can look through the logs in these location for any obvious errors:

          On the Protect console server: C:\ProgramData\LANDESK\Shavlik Protect\Logs

          You can open all the logs at the same time using programs like Notepad++ and search for words like failed, error etc against all the logs.


          Here is good information on VM Templates that you should read through too:  About VM Templates


          I would suggest opening a case with support if you can't find anything obvious in the logs. We'll have a better chance of finding valid errors and deciphering them.


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