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    Trouble deploying updates with Shavlik Patch trial

    kevcor Rookie

      I'm testing SCCM for my company and third-party updates is one of the items I'm working on.  I've downloaded and installed the Shavlik Patch trial and have been able to publish the updates for Adobe Reader, Flash Player, Firefox, and Wireshark.  However, I'm unable to deploy them.  At the end of the deployment process, I get error "Failed to download contect id ##.  There was an error downloading the software update. (404)".  I am able to deploy Microsoft updates.


      Originally our Palo Alto firewall was blocking our SCCM server from accessing the outside but our security team fixed that.  I verified it by running the test connection batch file.


      I found a similar problem here "Failed to download content id 16811656. Error: There was an error downloading the software update. (404)" but that post wasn't helpful in solving my problem.


      Can anyone help me solve this?