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    Downloading Shavlik Patch 2.2 blocked


      I've been attempting to download the new version of Shavlik Patch from this link http://rs.shavlik.com/downloads/sccmpatchsetup_2_2_568.exe however it was being blocked by our Fortiguard firewall. I contacted our security team to investigate. They attempted to download the update after opening up the address however received the following message...


      "You are not permitted to download the file "sccmpatchsetup_2_2_568.exe" because it is infected with the virus "Adware/BrowserFox".


      File quarantined as: http://www.fortinet.com/ve?vn=Adware%FBrowserFox


      Fortinet Fortiguard has the link classified as:


      URL: rs.shavlik.com/downloads/sccmpatchsetup_2_2_568.exe

      Catégorie/category: Malicious Websites


      So...what's the deal? Is the new patch infected? Is the new patch spyware?